Will you be affected by the Food Information Regulation 2013 update?

Packaging for Apple PieThousands of companies are having to update their packaging to comply with the Food Information for Consumer laws. This means hundreds of artwork changes, thousands of man hours and increased risks of QC errors.

Content Compare software is quick and easy to use and dramatically reduces time to check artwork and proofread labels.

With content compare it is simple to:

  • Compare two files and share comparison results
  • Check minimum font sizes
  • Check ingredients and allergen lists against
  • Word or Excel tables
  • Check that nothing else has been unintentionally changed during the update process

Why Automatic Proofing over Manual?

Speed – with automatic proofing software it takes minutes to compare even complex text and graphics.

Non Standard Characters – A good comparison software will handle all variants of Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Han, Hiragana, Katakana and Yi alphabets.

Layout and Font Attributes – the system can compare two documents with different fonts and layouts easily.

Accuracy – Software solutions provide a much higher level of accuracy than manual proofing.

Proofing Image

Why Content Compare?

Web based system – one installation and anyone in the company can have access from wherever they need it.

Check text and graphics in one go – combined graphic comparison and text verification make it a one stop QC tool.

Easily integrated into any document management system – avoid moving files, handling multiple copies and risking more mistakes.

Supports Multiple Formats – PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Word, Excel, SPL/XML and more.

Operating System Independent – your designer can log in from a Mac whilst your operations director checks in from a PC.

Part 11 Compliant

Complete Report History – track changes and checks with a glance.

Validation package included – can be validated quickly.

The content compare proofing system makes life easier for designers, qc managers, printers and manufactuers in any industry where rapidly produced, accurate packaging is vital. For day to day updates and changes the system will speed up quality control and reduce errors.With the FIR changes coming into play and putting aditional requirements on labelling there is no better time to invest 30 minutes in a demo that could save you hours tomorrow. For a free, no obligation demonstration just give us a call on 0118 983 3347.

Demonstration Chart