Is Content Compare easy to use?

We know that many different disciplines want to use Content Compare including graphic designers, QC engineers, marketing personnel etc; that is why the user interface was made to be very simple

  1. Select the files
  2. Load them
  3. Select area to be checked
  4. Test
  5. Store report in a secure data base.

We have a number of people who need to do proof reading, do I need to install CC on every PC?

No. Content Compare is web-based; it runs on your server and can be accessed by a number of users depending on the licence agreement.

What other software do I need?

A web browser (IE for PC,  Safari or Mozilla for Mac) and Acrobat Reader are all that is required.

Is it compliant with FDA regulations?

Content Compare has been validated within InformaIT and by pharmaceutical clients. It is compliant with GAMP 4 and 21CFR Part 11 for electronic records and signatures.

Can it deal with non-Latin languages?

Content Compare will work with any language or alphabet, even right to left reading languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.

Can I check graphics, logos and drawings in files?

Absolutely. Graphic Compare compares two files as bitmaps but allows for some variance which might be expected say between a outline (vector) file.

Does Content Compare find colour changes?

Colour is one of the graphical features that can be checked with Graphic Compare.

Does Content Compare show font changes?

In Graphic Compare every change will be shown, but in Text Compare font changes can be turned on or off. This is because quite often the font will be changed between the original document and the artwork and it is undesirable to highlight these changes.

What is the smallest feature change Content Compare can detect?

Text Compare finds any difference in  a character, or regardless of size. Graphic Compare has been validated to detect the difference between a point and a comma in 3pt type.