Content Compare has been developed by  a company whose core  business is to specify, develop and qualify computer systems for streamlined production and information management. Their considerable experience in the highly regulated pharmaceutical business has enabled them to produce products that are compliant with just about any industry.

Manufacturing and handling of pharmaceuticals and medical devices is a business which experiences ever increasing demands from regulatory authorities, and not being compliant can be expensive. Our consultants in life science assist our customers in the validation and verification of computer systems for current requirements. We can assist in everything from writing user requirement specifications to execute complete validation projects.


EyeC also supplies print inspection systems that are used by printers to verify the quality and accuracy of the printed material against the approved customer proof. The off-line system (Proofiler) is also used for incoming inspection of printed material, again comparing the printed samples to the signed-off proof. Thus the Proofiler extends the capability of Content Compare to verifying the final printed product to the approved artwork (PDF). The diagram is an overview of a typical lifecycle of artwork for regulated industries.


For further information on EyeC’s in-line and off-line print inspection systems please follow the link or Contact Us.