Automated Proofreading – Comparison Tool for Copy, Artwork and PDF

Do you initiate, design, modify, approve, or QC artwork for pharmaceutical packaging, food labelling, product manuals, corporate communication, advertising or other applications which demand very high accuracy?

Would you like to minimise design cycle time, significantly reduce the time and cost of proof reading artwork, and shorten time to market?

Would you like to be sure of finding all artwork errors and getting it right first time?

Content Compare can help you achieve all of these. It is a web-based set of tools for automated proofreading of artwork for critical applications such as pharmaceutical packaging, food labelling and security applications where ‘zero errors’ is mandatory. But our content comparison tool is very useful in a wide variety of other artwork proofing applications because it reduces the labour involved, reduces the number of design/checking iterations, reduces over-all time taken for approval,  simplifies the whole approval process and helps get your product to market sooner. Save time, save money, improve quality!

Who can benefit from using Content Compare?

Pharmaceutical Companies

Brand Management Companies

Corporate Communications and Advertising Companies

Food Companies

If you would like to compare physical samples against the approved PDF or inspect your print inline on the press or finishing machine please visit